The Black Death is sweeping through the countryside. For ten days and ten nights, the victims pile up. Bury the bodies to keep the plague from spreading, but don't get infected yourself!


  • Uncovered bodies cause the Rat Meter to increase. Touching bodies causes the Skull Meter to increase. If either meter fills completely, the game is over.
  • Dig below ground to remove dirt. Some dirt requires digging multiple times. Large stones cannot be dug up.
  • Digging in the direction up, while below ground, will fill in the ground below you. 
  • Hit a body with the shovel to move it in that direction.
  • The night is over when all bodies are covered.


  • Arrow Keys or Gamepad D Pad: Move
  • X or Gamepad Y: Jump
  • Z or Gamepad B while holding a direction: Dig, or move a body, in that direction

Sound Effects from the "Essential Retro Video Game Sound Effects Collection" by SubspaceAudio (Juhani Junkala)

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GenreAction, Puzzle
Tags2D, Historical, Pixel Art

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