Monster Garden

Pets in roguelikes are cool. What if the whole game was just pets?

Haha, just kidding...


The Stakes:

  • The player can't attack directly.
  • The player will be killed in one hit.
  • Collect 16 distinct monsters in the monster-catching-ball and return to the starting area to win.

How to Play: 

  • Spawn tamed monsters near wild monsters to attack and defeat them.
  • Careful though, you don't control them. They go where they want.
  • Click the ball in the lower left, a monster, then a space on the map to spawn a monster.
  • Click a tamed monster and "RECALL" to bring them back into the ball.
  • Wild monsters with low health can be captured in the same way.
  • When tamed monsters do damage to wild monsters, tamed monsters in the ball gain health.
  • Click a traversable space on the map to walk there. This cannot be cancelled.
  • Click the player to wait a turn.

Monster Melee:

  • Click a monster to see a description.
  • The vital stats of tamed monsters can be seen.
  • The vital stats of wild monsters will be obscured.
  • Each monster has a size, speed, and one of five types.
  • The attacks of monsters with larger size do more damage.
  • The attacks of monsters with higher speed succeed more frequently.
  • Each monster type is strong against one other type and weak against a different type.
  • The sizes, speeds, and types of monsters will be the same every game.
  • Which types are strong and weak against each other will change every game.

Pro Tips:

  • Use the player to bait monsters out into the open, but don't get them too close.
  • Cycle tamed monsters in and out of the ball to keep them healthy.
  • Watch for attacks that are particularly effective, or ineffective, to work out which types are strong and weak against which other types.
  • If you exit and reenter the garden, different monsters will repopulate.
  • You need 16 different monsters to win, so if you have duplicates in the ball they're expendable (😬gulp... 😰yikes! 😱)

Special thanks to, for the tileset and spritesheets.


Updated 2020-03-09 to fix a game breaking RNG bug.

Updated 2020-03-12 to fix a game breaking "undefined type" bug.


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I get the error: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'weakAgainst' of undefined" after a little bit.

Also very confusing to work out how to play. it's not obvious that you can throw monsters, even after you select them from the menu nothing happens. How do you put them back in the monster ball?

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Thanks for taking a look. You caught me before I had the chance to write any instructions or description.

What browser are you using?


Thanks for the report! It was detailed enough to let me find the bug and push a fix.

No problem, feel free to delete my comment.