Reach the elevator to get to the next level. There are 4 levels.

How to Play:

- Click an open space to queue a move there.

- Click an enemy to attack them. You can attack from a distance.

- Click anywhere to cancel a queued move.

- The player character and enemies have a health bar and direction indicator above their characters.

- Characters controlled by the player have a cyan direction indicator, enemies have a magenta indicator.

- Click the "electronic attack" button in the lower left of the screen, then an enemy, to take control of that enemy.

- The chance of the attack being successful is shown above the enemy character.

- When you control an enemy, you can move and attack with them, just like the player character.

- Enemies will regain control over themselves when the turn countdown shown above their character reaches 0.

- Enemies under player control cannot leave the level.

- Only one enemy can be controlled at a time.

NOTE: This game has been patched to fix a crash on the win screen and to fix inaudible sounds on some browsers.

Code and art by _never_k


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Fun game although extremely short, and I beat my first attempt without even realizing how to mind control.

The game froze on my second run, what happened was I had a mind controlled enemy walk into the same tile as me and turn back into an enemy as he did so.


Glad you had fun!